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A Tech Vision For Newark

An ambitious plan to transform NJ's largest city
Newark, New Jersey - the next tech hub? Could new companies and new jobs be the next big step in the city's renaissance? Newark Venture Partners (NVP) thinks so and they are placing a 50 million dollar bet they can ignite the high-tech fire that will reforge, reimagine and reinvent New Jersey's largest city.
You're likely wondering, "Newark? The next tech hub? 50 million? How can I learn more?" Well, you're in luck.
Next Wednesday 9/30, NJ Tech is heading to Newark for a very special evening. In partnership with NVP, we are hosting a fireside chat with Don Katz, the founder and CEO of Audible (the largest audio book producer and retailer in the US.) Don also founded the NVP team and will share his vision of Newark 2.0.
“Audible moved to Newark in late 2007 to help accelerate the comeback of a great American city. As the fastest-growing private employer in Newark, we have added hundreds of employees who are thriving in a city at an historic tipping point. Along with the Newark Venture Partners leadership team, we look forward to mentoring fellow entrepreneurs and their employees.”
-Donald Katz, Audible founder and CEO (founder of NVP)
Along with Don, both Tom Wisniewski, NVP Managing Director and Dimitris Kouvaros
Director of Accelerator Operations, will be on hand to discuss NVP's strategy of Social Impact Venture Investing. They have partnered with Investors Prudential Financial, Fidelco Realty Group as well as other advisors and backers to operate both an early stage venture fund and a 25 thousand square foot accelerator space in Newark.
The plan is to grow as many as 100 next generation companies, bringing jobs, people, businesses and more to downtown Newark. It's an ambitious project with big goals of transforming the city.
You'll learn about NVP, hear from Don Katz and enjoy a light dinner. Plus, there will be TWICE the networking. Check out the schedule below. This meetup will be held at Audible's Newark HQ. Right now the event is full, but get yourself on the waitlist here.
6:00 Doors Open - Drinks and Networking (arrive by 6:30!)
6:30 - 7:00 Welcome and hear from Newark Venture Partners with a discussion between Dimitris Kouvaros and Tom Wisniewski. Learn more here.
7:00 - 8:00 Light Dinner & Fireside Chat With Don Katz, founder
8:00 - 9:00 More Networking, More Drinks