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Hoboken. Want to help?

Yesterday was the first time that I've used Facebook to mark myself as safe.  Perhaps you did too.  Using this tool was a sad reminder of the unfortunate reality that effects our world when tragedy strikes.  While technology is an enormous aid in these times, I hope none of us have to use that feature again.

We're looking into setting up a crowdfunding campaign for victims of the crash, in particular for the daughter and family of the woman who was killed, a Hoboken mom. If you'd like to take the lead or be involved in this effort, please join the team here.

Many of you travel to/from work and to/from our events through the Hoboken Terminal, likely having stood exactly in the path of this train. It's all too relatable. Our hearts are with the victims of this crash. Our pride is with the Hoboken community that rallied to support the victims, in particular the first responders and NJ Transit workers who head into harm's way.

I'm proud of the community we share among the NJ Tech Meetup and the tech region as a whole. As we do at every NJ Tech Meetup, continue to high-five your neighbors.



founder, NJ Tech Meetup