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Making email fun again. 

People make time for rhymes.

Contributed by: Gil Olsen

In this day and age, most email is a curse

but what would happen, if we only sent them in verse?

Our inboxes would clear, and our days would be nice...

Who would we thank, other than Aaron Price?

He started with one, then added some more

then came Dylan from Jet,  to hire galore. 

Now it's members replying, trying to be heros:

soon all your inboxes will be coveted  zeros.

Back in the day it was banners, (or so it would seem). 

Next it was gifs, and then memes were a theme. 

One trend to the next, better stick with the times,

Apparently now, we must step up our rhymes.

Need some more proof? Greg is the guy you should know,

Check out his handy work, copy/pasted below.  

NJ Tech Meetup #70 Talking Failure w/ Jason Saltzman

By Gregory Shiff 

Next time instead of three trains, I think I'll use Uber or lyft
I apologize for ironically I failed to arrive timely 
But behold there's pizza leftover, the right ingredient for a Tech party.
Finally, NJ Tech Meetup, there I was taking the leap 
Amongst a group to spark new connections to keep
A tech based community to learn, grow, and share ideas
Apps and websites, gaining inspiration from my peers.


Why try to be perfect when these experiences define 
with failure you learn, improve, and refine 
with mistakes comes greatness we sat by the fireside chat.
The NJ Tech Meetup is where it's at!

I wrote this for those who manage people on projects
the solution seekers and entrepreneurs balancing workload and profits.
If you reckon this paining fact, 
Then you understand this juggling act.

By adding Resource Hero to Salesforce is your solution
Even if you don't fit this persona, let's talk regardless of this notion.
My name is Greg, I'm an entrepreneurial poet. 
We could help one another although, we just don't know it.



Gregory Shiff | Product Specialist
Resource Hero


Connect: LinkedIn

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