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NJ Tech News: SEC Eases Crowdfunding Rules, Fred Wilson on the Tech Stack, Obama in Newark, more

This news roundup was contributed by Tal Lel, CFO at Newark Venture Partners.  Learn more about Tal and NVP, here.

VC Scene

SEC Eases Crowdfunding Rules  [Prediction: To be reversed in a few years, but only after a large number of fraud cases and a much larger number of disappointing investments; In the meantime, I think this will enhance our returns by having unwitting others fund less-than-mature ideas]

Fred Wilson: Where is the Value in the Tech Stack? Great insights on a topic we've been debating. 

More on the bull/bear debate: Bill Gurley Sees Silicon Valley on a Dangerous Path; says companies hurt themselves by trying to delay going public

A new model!  Startup giving away stock to consumers (i.e., pricing itself at zero).  Huh?

Newark / NJ / NY Area News

Obama in Newark, Promoting Criminal Justice Reform [A misstep IMHO, as it entrenches Newark's negative image;  Here's how the NY Times coverage begins: ""Obama toured a drug rehab and met with former inmates Monday in the rough-and-tumble city of Newark... a city beset by violent crime and policing challenges" OH THANKS THAT'S GREAT.  An "Urban Renewal" theme would have been better.  Oh well.]
Rutgers Students Stabbed in Residence Hall [you assumed Newark, right? GOTCHA, it's New Brunswick]
Immigrants are 37% of NY's population, the largest share in 100 years. At 3.1 million, the migrant population has more than doubled since 1970 and is now the largest of any city in the U.S.  Immigrants account for 43% of the city’s workforce and a third of all the wages paid in the city.

Tech Real Estate

NYC revealed plans to create tech, science and manufacturing jobs including an advanced manufacturing hub in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, reopening a maritime industrial facility, the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal by year end 2016, developing three biotech centers, and a new tech/creative hub at the PC Richards location near Union Square.  [However, demand is still likely to outpace supply in NY: "a study commissioned by the EDC projected that in the next 10 years the city will need 60 million square feet of additional commercial space, including 3 million for the life-sciences and biotech industries" while all three biotech projects total just 750,000 sq ft (and the Union Square location is zoned to less than 100,000 sq ft).

Lowenstein Sandler signed a 15-year 170k sq ft lease in Roseland, NJ [right next to ADP]
Technology News. This Digest's Focus: Ad-tech (and Cable Is Not Dead Yet)
45 million U.S. monthly active users for ad-blocking software in Q2, up 48% year-over-yar
Meanwhile, in Cable-land: From Ad-Stuffing to Ad-Cutting, how a Time Warner's cable network is cutting ads from >18 minutes / hour to just 10 minutes / hour (industry average is an astounding 15 minutes and 49 seconds of ads an hour).
In another strategy to fight TV ad fatigue, offers viewers option of watching one 60-second interactive ad at start of episode.
A new Forrester report suggests that "cord-nevers" are up 18% of the U.S. population, and that by 2025, half of all TV viewers under age 32 will not be pay-TV subscribedrs.. yet the “rumors of the death of pay TV are greatly exaggerated” with ~76% of U.S. adults are “cord-havers.” the near-term, third quarter results indicate a significant deceleration in cord-cutting, suggesting "it may have been premature to mark the second quarter as a cord-cutting inflection point."
Technology Focus (2): Big Data
On the profound changes in enterprise sales tools: The Data-Driven Rebirth of a Salesman
How Big Data can go terribly wrong when applied too specifically:  U.S. Government Uses Race Test for $80 Million in Payments.

Technology Focus (3): Transportation Tech
Startups Accelerate Efforts to Reinvent Trucking Industry - Companies aim to leverage drivers’ smartphones to quickly connect them with nearby companies looking to ship goods

***NEW*** Newark Digest Music®

Suzanne Vega - Ironbound

In the Ironbound section near Avenue L
where the Portuguese women come to see what you sell
the clouds so low the morning so slow
as the wires cut through the sky

The beams and bridges cut the light on the ground
into little triangles and the rails run round
through the rust and the heat
the light and sweet coffee color of her skin

Bound up in wire and fate
watching her walk him up to the gate
in front of the Ironbound school yard.

Kids will grow like weeds on a fence
She says they look for the light they try to make sense.
They come up through the cracks
Like grass on the tracks
She touches him goodbye.

Steps off the curb and into the street
the blood and feathers near her feet
into the Ironbound market

In the Ironbound section near Avenue L
where the Portuguese women come to see what you sell
the clouds so low the morning so slow
as the wires cut through the sky

She stops at the stall
fingers the ring
opens her purse
feels a longing
away from the Ironbound border