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The Ultimate Tech Gift Guide - For the Inner Geek in all of us

Written by Stacy Zolnikov | NJ Tech Meetup Member & serial technophile.

Forgot to get gifts this year and just realized its mid-December? Yeah, ditto. Fortunately, here's a list of pretty much the greatest (and affordable) products in 2016. 

For the person who's allergic to morningsBonjour, an artificial intelligence based alarm clock, will ease the burden of waking up and magically make the hours before 9 am much more pleasant. 

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For the person who's permanently stuck at 2%Mophie's got you're back (no pun intended). 

For the magician -  OvRcharge takes your phone charging needs to a heightened level. 

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For the outdoorsmanAnker charges your gadgets through the sun. Game changer for the environment and the user. 

For the incognito type - everybody will think your either a slow reader or just really love reading the same book. Aside from being a really cool cover,  BookBook holds more information than your classic book (provided you use it for your laptop).

For the perpetual daydreamersDaydream - VR, enough said. 

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For the well-balancedVinaya reports on your sleeping and overall activity while looking just as an accessory. 

For the chefsNomiku makes sous-vide cooking much easier. 

For the modern sculptor -  3Doodler makes 3D printing not only accessible but crazy fun for all ages. 

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For the extremely lazy who love to talkEcho Dot. Enough said. 

For the Google lovers Google Home because it's...well Google.

For the pen and paper usersThe Everlast Notebook allows you to store data in the cloud with the traditional pen and paper. 

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For those with no timeFive Minute Journal will increase your overall productivity and happiness by sticking to positivity and commitment.

For the neat freaksWHOOSH will keep all your tech gadgets in pristine condition so you can continue eating while playing with your toys. 

For those obsessed with controlWeMo lets you control all your devices, turning your dumb home into a smart home. 

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