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You got 99 problems,
but the Cloud ain't one

Mitoc Group’s Enterprise solution for Cloud Migration
With so many rad people, and Aaron being such a stickler for a schedule, it’s virtually impossible to meet every awesome person at any given NJ Tech Meetup.  This series features members, what they have to offer, and how you can help them out.
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(Formely from Hobokem, now based out of Paramus)
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Assuming they survive transition to the New Media, huge publishing companies like the New York Times have another huge problem.  They need to migrate all of their “pre-cloud” content to the 21st century.  In my simple brain, this process sounds like trying to burn your collection of 45s and CDs to iTunes, (including all the metadata and album art). Except fifty million times harder.

If companies with this problem didn't bury their heads in the sand and ignore it, they could either hire experts internally, or contract out the process of tackling this project.  According to Eugene, either way would usually take nine months or more and cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.  Lets not forget to mention that this sounds certain to be a massive headache for everyone involved, including people who might hear about this process at a dinner party.

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"Ohhhhh.... NOW I get it."

Enter Eugene and his team at Mitoc Group.  They spent about a year building out open source software that make this consolidation and migration process way easier.   

If you want to get technical and level up the nerd jargon, you can go down the rabbit hole via the Medium post and Github links below.  If not, just imagine a scenario along the lines of the LA TIMES dumping every copy of their paper off at Mitoc Group’s office, and a few weeks later it’s ready to be read by anyone in the world on any device, forever.  And there's a a secure API that allows you to expose it to other developers as needed.  Whatever the content, Mitoc Group migrates it to the clouds so the organization can leverage their asset.

Mitoc Group makes it faster, easier, and cheaper than it used to be for large companies with all kinds of legacy data to migrate to the cloud. Mitoc Group manage that transition in ⅓ of the time, for a fraction of the cost.


Mitoc Group is a technology partner for Amazon Web Services, and Eugene is the resident expert.  If you are having AWS issues, he can set you straight or at least send you in the right direction.  

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Eugene would love it if you can put him in touch with Digital Officers at media and entertainment giants.
(He mentioned these companies, I took the liberty of looking up the contacts.)
Fred Santarpia, CDO Conde Naste @fsantarpia
Nick Rockwell, CDO New York Times 
Eugene also mentioned News Corp, but a few minutes of searching yielded nothing solid, they produce Fox News, AND they haven't updated their website, so they are in the no link zone
Thanks to Fred's Twitter humble brag, here are 19 more influential CDO's to see if you have any connections
  1. See the Ask above, then send this profile to anyone you think might need Eugene's services. 
  2. Leave some feedback on this format in the comments- this is the first post of this type, help us shape future ones.
  3. Come up with a valuable offer and a reasonable ask, and then Request to be featured
  • Eugene explaining this process slightly better than I did. (Slide deck on SlideShare)
  • If you didn't check out their GitHub link already, more presentations are there as well. 
Contributed by: Gil Olsen
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