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NJ Tech Meetup 64: Startup Intros

Meetup #64 September 16, 2015
You know the drill... at each NJ Tech Meetup, companies get 5 minutes and a brief Q+A to pitch whatever is most valuable to their mission... new users, new talent, an introduction to an investor for their next round, or, if they have their priorities straight, the coveted NJ Tech Audience Choice Award.
The Pitch Co. Intros. are meant to help give some context and set the stage to make the most of the time for you.
Let us know what you like, what you don't, and what makes you curious about upcoming companies in the comments.  
First up....
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If you Google Ciros, you will be directed to a plurality of Italian cuisine establishments. 

Swap the i for an e, however, and you will be directed to “the platform to create interactive content” (i.e. Infographics, e-books, Nanosites, magazines, lookbooks and shoppable catalogues) with no developer. Cero’s drag and drop interface allows for instant conversion to interactive HTML5 and is a part of the seismic shift in publishing, content creation and analytics.

Multiple users can collaborate on their cloud based platform to design interactive content, publish it anywhere on the web (website, blog, Facebook etc), and then analyze visitor traffic, consumption and engagement.  Big name users include Mini (Cooper), Gucci, Mashable, Contently, Peugeot, and Dr. Martens.

Brian Alvey  (co-founder Weblogs Inc. and founder of Recurrency) is a board member and Chief Scientist.  If you do your homework on @brianalvey, you'll notice he's been a significant player in digital content and the transition to giving brands the power to tell their own stories.
Simon Berg @simonberg is the co-founder and CEO who can literally bench press humans.
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Jirafe helps 80,000+ merchants “know who buys, what sells, and how to grow their business” by providing e-commerce focused analytics. The company was founded by Amit Shah and Scott Switzer in 2010.  Amit says “Every day our team thinks about how we can make a merchant’s experience around data and e-commerce just as joyful as when they are using amazing consumer products.” Customers increase revenue (ie. Dolls Kill by +50%) by using Jirafe's data to increase average order size and conversions.

According to Crunchbase, they raised a $7M Series A round in 2012 led by their seed investor First Mark Capital. According to their “by the numbers page”, in 2014 they tracked roughly $52,385.38 in revenue per cup of coffee consumed by the team. Either way you slice that metric, it’s a lot of beans. 

Most importantly, you can sort their team profiles by "New Jerseyans".

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