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Sept 2015 Newsletter: Gary V, Kevin Ryan, and How To Participate in the NJ Tech Meetup Naked

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Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your summer and Labor Day weekend. This may seem like a long'ish read, but I challenge you to not find something of value here:

If you missed Gary Vaynerchuk at the NJ Tech Meetup, you're in luck because we recorded it. 1500+ views so far. According to one viewer, Grant Lenaarts: "This is one of the very best of all the 50 interviews I have seen." So maybe find some time and give it a watch.. Warning: it's filled with cursing and lots of useful information. Subscribe to NJ Tech Meetup on YouTube to get notified when new videos go live.

After some of you are done regretting that you missed being there live last month, go RSVP for next week's NJ Tech Meetup with Kevin Ryan, founder of Gilt Groupe, Business Insider, and Mongo DB. He also led DoubleClick from 20 people to a 1500 person public company. Seems lke someone we can all learn from. RSVP before it's waitlist only.

We're streaming these meetups thanks to some awesome volunteers. Follow us on twitter first, then make sure to follow on Periscope (NJTech) or meerkat to be able to watch live. If you're thinking that you'll watch instead of attend, that's great, but keep in mind the value of being there in person. The most popular comment on Periscope last month was "wish I was there." But if you'd like to participate, say, naked, watching from home might be the way to go. If you want to meet cool peeps and get a live high five, c'mon down.

Two of your fellow members respresent awesome companies that decided to get more involved as supporters of our community:

1. IndieGoGo - Looking to crowdfund your next product? Indiegogo is the world's largest crowdfunding platform. You can raise money for just about anything on Indiegogo by creating a product, business or charity campaign. Contact (nj-proud!) John who can help you out.
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Our content team is featuring members. You don't have to have a crazy high-profile startup. We are more interested in your story. Want us to write about you? Fill this out.

Have you run a large music or tech event? We're considering getting involved with a large scale music and tech festival (details to come later). Looking for someone to help out who has run a large scale, 10,000-15,000 person event, conference, or festival. Just reply to this email.

In recap, here's your to-do list.
1. RSVP for next week's NJ Tech Meetup with Kevin Ryan
2. Follow NJTech to get links of livestream: Twitter / Meerkat / NJTech on Periscope
3. Watch Gary V at NJ Tech Meetup & subscribe to NJ Tech Meetup on YouTube
4. Reply if you know someone who has run a large conf or festival
5. Get profiled by filling this out
6. Be nice to strangers
7. Make today count
8. Click to tweet: I heart @NJTech like @realdonaldtrump hearts himself. In common: both provide occasional entertainment value.


The Supporters Who Make This All Possible

The NJ Tech Meetup is made possible by supporters who want to help you. These best of breed companies have been vetted and together help provide the full suite of services you need to support your business so you can spend your time focused on what values most. Contact them:

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[FUNDING] Newark Venture Partners: Venture capital fund and accelerator. Learn more.


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Easy RSVPeasy.

Aaron, founder
and the NJ Tech Meetup team